Lise is a lover of language and an advocate for eliminating ashy-ness. She moved to Nashville in 2012, just as the shifts in Nashville became most prominent. She spends way too much time reading feminist and womanist theories, geeking out to everything in the Marvel universe (D.C. is growing on her), and engaging in auntie activities like gardening. Lise is known for casually using a word of the day, although she is often prolix, and for throwing shade with a light touch from a well-moisturized hand. She resides in East Nashville with her dog at an address that’s actually none of your business. You can follow her to nowhere on Twitter @thedivaesq.


Major is your HBCU-loving, hometown-repping, home décor DIYing sis. She moved to Nashville _____ years ago to enjoy the land of Golden Sunshine at Tennessee State University. She currently spends her time finding new recipes and craft projects on Pinterest and exploring new trails to view sunsets. Her favorite things are bubbles, sequins, glitter and fireworks (…not necessarily in that order).  Follow her down a sparkle-covered trail on Twitter @This_Is_Major.